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Digital Media ~ Upward Bound Summer 2018

Assignments and materials will be posted here. Please refer to this page for any information regarding in-class and out of class assignments. The syllabus is available for download below. Welcome to my little nebula!

Class Syllabus
Class Schedule

Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:15 PM – 3:15 PM

Class Location

Karambelas 137

Projects and Assignments

1. Login Information

Have your login information available for the next class as we will try to work on some projects in class.

2. Adobe Acrobat

3. Adobe Acrobat part 2

Complete the forms that you didn't finish in class. Compress the files as we did before and send via Wilkes email. Due by Monday at noon.

4. Phone Photography

Email unedited 5 photos from your smartphone to me before class on Thursday. Use the grid and the rule of thirds as well as the other techniques we discussed in class. Try to send only one email titled "Assignment 4 photography."

5. Photoshop part 1

Use the download link to grab the image above.

6. Photoshop part 2

Complete the blemish removal of our blemish baby. Use the tools that we went over in class. You will be graded on the use of Adjustment layers for the levels, curves, saturation, or any other adjustments you do and the quality of blemish removal for the baby. Make the parents proud of this image! You want them to pay you top $, right?! Your quality of work is equivalent to how much you get paid (grade). When complete, please email the file to me with the file name "yourname-blemishbaby.psd" using your WILKES email, the subject should be "blemish baby." I should be able to dissect your work and see everything from start to finish or make further adjustments as needed. Due date is TBA due to the holiday.

7. Photoshop part 3

Please download and read these documents. They are the introductions to using several crucial tools within Illustrator! Although each version of Illustrator changes slightly, the concepts and many of the shortcuts remain the same.

Pen tool & Gradient Mesh

8. More photos!

9. Illustrator intro

Snap a few more photos with your smartphone camera. Bring 5 more photos to class. I hope some of you took a few great pics over the holiday using some of the techniques we discussed, but if not, just grab a few this weekend!

10. Final Project! Illustrator illustration

Your final project will involve creating an inanimate object within illustrator using the tools we have learned about in class. This project will be completed in time to be printed and displayed for presentation for your parents and others to see.

Example image


  • Place an image within Illustrator

  • Lock that layer

  • Create a new layer

  • Begin working on the base of your "fruit/veggie/food" there

  • You may add new layers as needed (especially for different parts of your food... examples include seeds, stems, etc)

  • I want to see the pen tool used for many things as needed, but you could use the shapes tools (ellipse, square, etc)

  • Use gradients and gradient mesh tools wisely to make more realistic objects

  • Lock layers that are completed so you don't accidentally disrupt them

  • Add highlights to objects as needed

  • Remember to create a drop shadow at the end and as the BOTTOM layer once you finish your food

  • Finally, save the file and send it to me via email

    • filename:​

    • email subject: name final project

  • Ask questions as needed (you can email me)

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