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Who Am I?

Lucent Star Design ~ Holly

I find that my diverse background helps me to understand the needs of specific clients. With experience in many fields, I am well equipped to tackle a variety of challenges. However, I am always excited for more knowledge and experiences, so I come to the table ready to research new subject matter for every project.


I have an Associate’s Degree in Commercial Art, specialising in computer graphics, but I’ve realised that I want more, therefore, I am now attending Wilkes University to expand my education and reaching for a higher degree in the field I’ve always loved.


At Wilkes, I am majoring in Integrative Media with a minor in Computer Science. By the time I finish, I hope to be proficient in several programming languages and well versed in web development. Aside from my required courses, I plan to add a digital photography course as well as a set of courses for C & Unix programming and programming for mobile applications. I am currently working within the Department of Engineering and Physics completing newsletter layout, assisting on graphical presentations, organising graphical content, and any other projects they may need assistance with. On the side, I work on small jobs for a winery in the Finger Lakes.

My goal is to be able to work in a variety of fields, but specialising in the technical aspect of media for the graphic needs of scientists and any who are not as graphically minded everywhere. I intend to go into business with my partner, assist in computational research, and hopefully be successful enough to work on these things worldwide.


Striving for the cosmos!

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