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Effexor Ad Series ~ Enjoy Life Again
Effexor Ad Series ~ Touch
Effexor Ad Series ~ Sight
Effexor Ad Series ~ Taste & Smell
Effexor Ad ~ Sound
Wilkes Tri-fold Brochure
Lucent Laboratory Tri-fold Brochure
Folding@Home Magazine Ad
I'm not a Puzzle! ~ PSA
Logo & Branding
Illumine Grief Services Logo
Illumine Grief Services Poster
Lucent Laboratory Business Card
Lucent Laboratory Letterhead
Lucent Laboratory Envelope
Lucent Laboratory Website Design
Lucent Laboratory Logo Prelim
MJD Laptop & PC Repair Card Front
MJD Laptop & PC Repair Card Back
MJD Laptop & PC Repair Hat
MJD Laptop & PC Repair T-Shirts
Dupay Laboratories Logo Rebrand
Dupay Laboratories Colour Palette
Web Graphics, eMailers, & UX/UI
Sólstafir Fjara eMailer
Sólstafir Fjara Animated eMailer
Sólstafir Fjara Web Banner ~ Wide
Sólstafir Fjara Web Banner ~ Tall
Sólstafir Fjara Web Banner ~ Rect
Folding@home User Interface
Healesville Sanctuary eMailer
Fine Art, Illustration, Coding Fun, etc.
Painting Experiment ~ Garden
Yuri no Hanate ~ Hand Lily
Strawberry Illustration
Python ~ Random Colour Pumpkin
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