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See more than just the photosphere.

Inspiration comes in many forms; from something as simple as a leaf falling from a tree to anything that can make me smile for no reason at all. It feels like magic! I enjoy seeing things from a perspective that others might not.
I am logical and methodical in my everyday life, which draws me to the chaotic and fantastical in my art. I try to find fun in everything I do and I endeavour to use that sense of wonder in my creativity. Small details are meaningful to me, combining to create something bigger, like the pieces of a puzzle.
My favourite medium is digital; I find its versatility liberating. It allows me to create anything I can envision.

In my work, my goal is to use colour and unexpected elements to manifest my client’s vision. I love learning new things and tackling new adventures and am always willing to try something original to expand my expertise. Illustration, photo manipulation, web design, and programming (computer tech-y) are where my strengths live.


Welcome to my little nebula!

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